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Swim With Dolphins - The Signature Swim

Swim With Dolphins - The Signature Swim

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Kids $124/Adult $165
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40 min swim
Great for families
5 years+
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Kids: $124, 5-11 years
Adults: $165, 12+

Have you been dreaming of swimming with dolphins? Look no further, we have the perfect excursion for you! With The Signature Swim, you’ll have the opportunity to do that and even more during the 40 minute long small-group encounter, which has been specifically designed to be an exciting, enlightening and relaxing once in a lifetime experience!

What’s included

What´s Included:
• A 40 minute long Dolphin Signature Swim experience!
• Life jacket
• Use of lockers

What to expect

You’ll get to take a thrilling ride through the water with these incredible creatures, as well has have the chance to communicate with them using the same hand signals marine specialists use. If you’re intrigued by dolphins and marine life, this will be the highlight of your time in Puerto Vallarta!

Communicating and playing with our friendly and lovable dolphins will leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Additional Details
Know before you book:
• Minimum age for children is 5 years
Children 5 -11 must be accompanied in the water by a paying adult
• No jewelry or standard sunscreen allowed
• Expecting mothers are restricted
• Cameras are not permitted in the pool area, they are allowed in the observation areas
• All programs have been designed with the wellbeing of the dolphins in mind

What to bring:
• Biodegradable sunblock
• Swimsuit
• Money for souvenirs & photos
• Towel

Do I need to reserve in advance?
YES! Spaces are limited and fill extremely quickly. In order to ensure your tour date/time we recommend booking in advance.

May I bring a camera or video camera to take pictures?
Cameras are allowed in the observation areas but they are not allowed in the lagoons. The tour guides offer professional photos that are available for purchase after your experience.

Can I wear sunscreen (SPF)?
Sunscreen must be biodegradable and applied at least 30 minutes before the entering the lagoons for the protection of our marine mammals. Any other sunscreen must be washed off before entering the lagoons. You can buy biodegradable sunscreen in the on-site gift shop.

Can I wear jewelry?
Although we provide areas to secure your personal belongings, we recommend you leave all jewelry and small items in your hotel.

How safe are Interactive Programs?
The programs have a remarkable and well-established safety record. The health and safety records of these kinds of programs have been continuously studied for over 20 years, and each time, the impeccable records are reaffirmed.

Can I make an animal sick if I participate in a swim program?
No you cannot. Since the beginning of in-water marine mammal interactive programs in 1985 there have not been any instances of disease transmission between humans and these animals reported at any facility.

How do you care for your animals?
All tour guides and marine teams involved follow a program for preventative health care, including daily health assessments, regular voluntary veterinary examinations and dietary needs assessments. Exceptionally clean and stimulating environments are provided for the dolphins to live and thrive in, while providing a safe and stable setting for their social community (pods) and family to reproduce and grow.
Cancellation policy
Reservations can't be canceled once booked.

Booking dates can be changed upon availability, but please reach out to us within a reasonable time.

We're always here to help. Chat or call us.


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