What Should I Bring to Cancun?

What Should I Bring to Cancun?

What should I bring to Cancun?

Spring break 2016 is almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re taking with you!

Here is a list of essentials you won’t want to forget!

  • Bathing suits – at least 2 to 3
  • Swim cover ups – something casual to wear around your resort
  • Hat – to protect that precious face of yours
  • Sunscreen – the sun in Cancun is VERY strong, be sure to reapply!
  • Aloe vera – in case you forget to do the above!
  • Flip flops – for those rare occasions you won’t have your toes in the sand
  • Sunglasses – pack an extra pair just in case
  • Toiletries – your typical everyday necessities in travel sizes
  • Outfits to go clubbing – plan these ahead of time, avoid overpacking!
  • Shoes – nice shoes to wear out at night, that goes for both the guys and gals
  • Cash – avoid having to use ATMs and be sure to lock up your cash whenever you leave your room!
  • Photo ID – keep an extra ID (other than your passport) on you in case of emergencies!
  • Purse (for the ladies)- I suggest wearing a crossbody purse at night, they can add the perfect touch to your outfit and you’re least likely to lose it if it’s attached to you! 😉
  • Camera/GoPro – so you can always look back on your AMAZING spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico!

Now pull out those suitcases and START PACKING!


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