Top 5 BEST Taco Joints in Cancun, Mexico!

Top 5 BEST Taco Joints in Cancun, Mexico!

When travelers come to Mexico, often the first thing on their mind is “Where’s the nearest taco stand, and where can I get a Margarita to wash it down with?!”

Well in Cancun, there are so many options, it’s hard to keep them all straight!

We’re here to make your life easier by giving you our picks for the top 5 best tacos joints in the whole city!


  • Tacos Caminero in the Hotel Zone – These tacos are super tasty, the staff is friendly and the pastor is out of this world!


  • La Barbacoa de Tulum in Plaza De Toros – Sure, you have to travel downtown Cancun to get here, but MAN-OH-MAN it is so worth it! The most delicious barbacoa tacos of all time, and the prices will astound you. You can feed a family of 5 with a $20 USD bill!


  • Los de Pescado in the Hotel Zone – Fish tacos, shrimp tacos, ceviche, and we cannot forget the salsas. This place is definitely worthy of a top 3 spot. If you’re looking for mariscos, look no further!


  • Tres Marias in the Hotel Zone – This place is a Cancun MUST. It is right behind the famous Cancun club La Vaquita Cancun so you can’t miss it. Whatever meats you choose, make SURE you garnish them with their mashed potatoes and amazing salsa verde. If you haven’t had it, you haven’t truly lived! Go now, thank us later.


  • Taco Factory in the Hotel Zone – Well well well, the number one spot goes to Taco Factory, and for good reason! This Cancun classic has been around as long as we can remember and the quality never wavers. Our recommendation: chicken and cheese tacos with a margarita on the side! YUM! There ya have it folks!


The best of the best, recommended to you by your favorite party experts at After Dark Events & Entertainment. If there’s anything we know, it’s where to find the best party…. and where to get the best late night tacos after a long night out!

We hope to see you during spring break 2017 in sunny Cancun, Mexico! It’s going to be the best one yet!

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