Is Cancun Safe?

Is Cancun Safe?

Worried about safety in Cancun? Don’t be!

Cancun is just like most other tourist-filled cities in the US and UK. It is very busy, full of tourists, and the whole economy depends on travelers being happy, safe, and coming back again in the future!

Should you be careful? Yes, as you should be careful ANYWHERE in the world you travel to.  This is common sense. Should you be careful in NYC? Yes. Barcelona? Miami? LA? Of course! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and visit these amazing cities! You would be missing out on a great deal of fun and some amazing experiences.

I’m here to ease your mind. Cancun is the most Americanized city in Mexico, and it’s set thousands of miles (and plane rides away) from any serious crime or danger. Most of the stories you hear about on the news take place on the other side of the country, but media is media and Cancun is a popular place. Just like any tabloid story, don’t believe everything you read.

The media-generated fear that most people have is exactly that, media-generated. If you are planning on coming to Cancun, my suggestion is to wander off of the resort property, EXPLORE, meet new people, socialize, experience the beauty and the culture that is surrounding you. There are so many amazing restaurants, clubs and excursions that Cancun has to offer. Don’t miss out!

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