Coco Bongo, Cancun speaks for itself. It is by far the MOST POPULAR club in Mexico. With endless choreographed dances and acrobatic shows, this club is unlike ANY OTHER. Coco Bongo dedicates performances to the greatest acts of all time. Artists like Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Beyonce, and many others are featured nightly. Miss it, or miss out!

What’s Included when you attend “Coco Bongo Gold Member” with After Dark?

This premium version of our standard Coco Bongo ticket allows you to skip the crazy line (invaluable at Coco Bongo, lines are extremely long every single night).

You will have open bar available to you from 9-10pm at the boutique terrace bar outside. This is exclusive to Gold Member pass holders

You will also be allowed to enter the club before the doors open to the general public, to get a good seat to view the show (yes, you get a guaranteed seat)!

Premium liquor is included in this package, and open bar/waiter service is provided all night long.

Transportation is included for groups of 8 or more. Spaces fill up very fast due to limited seating.