The ever-pressing question still comes up daily: “is Cancun safe?” The answer is simple and secure, YES! Remember, Mexico is just like the US, Canada, and the UK in that there are good areas and there are inevitably some areas that are rough around the edges. It is important to us at After Dark that you understand that Cancun is by far the safest city in Mexico. The economy is based mainly on tourism, so travelers are treated with the utmost respect and care by everyone they come into contact with.

Provided below is a link to one of our blog posts that will ease any concerns you may have about Cancun:

More on Cancun Health & Safety

If that’s not quite enough to relieve your nerves; In the following map provided by Travel Weekly you can see very clearly the areas of concern in Mexico vs the areas of complete comfort and security. Cancun, the entire Yucatan Peninsula, as well as all the surrounding areas are marked clear and free from any threats or dangers. The closest city labeled of concern is 19 hours and 9 minutes of travel time away!

Map of Areas to Avoid while Traveling in Mexico

That being said, at After Dark we always promote smart traveling to our clients. Just like in any new city, when you’re on vacation in an unfamiliar place, it’s important to stick together and keep in constant contact with your travel companion(s). Cancun is a safe place to explore, so don’t be afraid to go and see all the amazing sites, beaches, clubs, etc. We would be happy to be your guide for all your travel needs and/or questions, contact us for more information on what we have to offer at!