BEWARE of ‘shot girls’ in Cancun

BEWARE of ‘shot girls’ in Cancun
BEWARE: Shots provided by ‘shot girls’ in Cancun are NOT included in open bar! 

Those whistles! Oh the horror, those whistles!

If you’ve been to Cancun, you know what I am talking about! Those loud, obnoxious, whistle baring temptresses that bare $7 itty bitty shots… followed by head shaking, chest squeezing, and yea you guessed it… whistle blowing! In your face and full blast!

I warn all of our clients to stay away from anyone with a whistle in their mouth. Why? Because they will force feed you shots that are absolutely not included in any open bar package you buy anywhere in Cancun. After you’ve been fed as many shots as you’ll let them pour, guess what comes next? Naturally, one hand is held out and the other is holding a $7 per shot sign! “Where did that sign come from? I didn’t see it before you poured the hypnotic down my throat!” Doesn’t matter, my friends! Does. Not. Matter.

Anyway, long story short – You’ve already spent at least $70 USD on your cover and open bar bracelets. The only other thing that should prompt you to put your hand BACK in your wallet is for your hard working waiter’s tips!

If you want shots, FREE shots, without the force feeding and unwanted head shaking, just ask your waiter!!

Yet another reason to go with the party experts and let them handle the dirty work! When booking with After Dark, your VIP host will make sure you’re taken care of!

You’ve been warned 😉

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